Red Velvet Fashion 2015

Red Velet is SM entertainment's super rookie girl group who debuted in 2014.
The group consists of 5 members and are well known for their unique concept and cute outfits/fashion.

Lucy V-neck nacy knit + ivory wrap skirt


 Blue cottom knit + grey A skirt


 SISLEY pink coat

 CHARMS pitbull baseball jacket

LAZY OFF pink two piece


BOYFRIEND stripe mini dress

IMMACULATE Checkered skirt

ROCKET LAUNCH 3 coded t-shirt
 Striped sailor dress


SISTER REMAKE red t-shirt

LEVI jean jacket

High neck sport like dress

HERITAGE FLOSS fashion tops

MIXXO white clutch

 SUPERVISION color S cap

 VANS Sk8hi Hightop Sneaker

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