Korean Accessories & Hairstyles 2016

October 15, 2016

Popular Korean Accessories and Hairstyles in Korea

Heart rings
Heart fashion socks
Cute cactus nails
Studded earring
Flower ring
Q.S.T watch
Moon Ear-ring
Cute watch
Flower bracelet
Bead bracelet
Cute fashion socks
Character fashion socks
m&m bagpack
Pastel bagpacks
Maroon cap
Blue pastel bagpack
Cross earring
Bead choaker
Heart ear-ring
Heart choaker
Heart loop earrings
Black fashion cap
Almost blue cap
Character phone case
Swan Phone Case
Teddybear phone case
Cassette tape phone case
Bare bear phone case
Long wavy hair
Bobbed wave hair
Long wave hair
Pigtail hair
Top knots hair
Bobbed hair
Long straight hair with fringe
Bobbed hair with cap
Plaited hair
Top knots hair

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Photo credits; Styleshare kr

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