DIA Chaeyeon Airport Fashion

December 06, 2017

DIA Jung Chaeyeon Airport Fashion
다이아 정채연 사복/공항패션

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8 개의 댓글

  1. Oh wow, I love her style. Btw, I adore this blog too! If possible, I would appreciate it so much if you could post more K-pop fashion styles too! Thank you! Do you ever plan to post men’s fashion too?

    1. Sure i will upload more kpop posts in the future :) I don't normally post men's fashion unless there is a special request. If you want to request for men's fashion plz email at officialkoreanfashion@hotmail.com THanks^^

  2. i like the shot of Chaeyeon in a black athletic top and matching shorts. She looks great with bare legs.

  3. Chaeyeon does wear some very short skirts. Good to see a girl who is proud of her legs.

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