Korean Daily Fashions

January 16, 2017

Korean Daily Fashion - Classic Style

Simple yet Fashionable Winter Styling

Long Beige Coat and Striped Shirt
Light Denim Jeans with Olive Brogues

Striped Green Jacket and  Navy V-Top
Frilled Brown Skirt with High Black Ankle Boots

Oversized Grey Jacket and High Neck Sweater
Black Mini Skirt with Black Brogues

A-Embroided Sweater and Denim Skirt
High Knee Socks with Converse Sneakers

Flower Patterned Blouse and Ruffle Black Mini Skirt
with Black Ankle Boots

Checkered Shirt and Over sized Beige Sweater
Brown Mini Skirt with Black Ankle Boots

Grey Hoodie and Dark Grey Washed Denim Jeans
Black beanie with Converse Sneakers

Pink Sweater and Grey Knitted Scarf
Grey Mini Skirt with Fur Boots

Vintage Patterned Blouse and Orange Sweatshirt
Black Mini Skirt with Black Loafers

"BUNNIE" Printed T-shirt and Dark Grey Skinny Jeans
with Black Ankle Boots

Over sized Beige Coat and Brown Sweater
Blue Skinny Jeans with Black Loafers

Checkered Ribbon Shirt and Brown Mini Skirt
with Brown Ankle Boots

Over sized Black Coat and Vintage Patterned Blouse
Black Skirt with Black Loafers

"CURRENT MOOD" Printed Sweatshirt and Plum Pleated Maxi Skirt
with Ankle Boots

Pink Blouse and Grey Checkered Skirt
with Grey Ankle Boots

Olive Over Sized Hoodie and Striped High Neck Top
Black Mini Skirt with Black Sneakers

White Over Sized Coat and Brown Sweater
Black Torn Mini Skirt with Converse Sneakers

Orange Over Sized Coat and Grey High Neck Top
Black Mini Skirt with High Ankle Boots

Pink Jacket and Maroon Sweater
Short cut Jeans with Black Ankle Boots

Credits: CommonUnique

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