SNSD Hyoyeon Fashion

unique dotted jacket with blue jeans.

light denim shirt matched with mini black skirt and black walkers.
Her black hat with pink leapord print is so cute^^

here she's wearing a vintage green? dress with a denim vest. Vintage style!!

She;s wearing everything black except her fur coat :)
Also her purple purse stands out too~

vintage pink flower dress~

Simple striped t-shirt with beige skinny jeans. The skinny jeans goes very well with her golden hair^^

Haha..cute bear dress? it looks vintage..she's matched it up with her denim jacket.

She's worn something that's black leather with a kaki colored vest? It's really hard to tell >_<

She looks so comfortable here^^ gotta love her leapord shoes

SNSD @ Rehersal, wearing the casual look. with red checkerd shirt n skinny jeans~~

cute black play suit!!

Long white t-shirt tucked under some strange looking they look cool!

cool looking vest that covers her short black pants. her brown pumps match very well with this look.

hyo yeon has cute's a smiley face :)

ripped white skinny jeans with sky blue jumper. casual much

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