SNSD Tiffany Fashion

Oversized off the shoulder black kint with light blue skinny jeans.

Oversized white blouse top with realli short jeans. Her perfect legs shine even more with this look

leopoard printed dress with grey cardigan

flower printed vintage dress

cute off the shoulder red blouse

simple look

french coat with high knee black boots which matches with her black short pants.
love her louis vuitton bag

casual look with red jumper, grey skinny and her walkers. Louis vuitton bag again~

long striped tshirt tucked under her short black pants

cream ribbon dress and her black bag and heels are just so cute with this dress.

casual look 2

brown boots is the main item for this look.

her leopard dress again~we can see that her grey cardigan was a long drapey one.

casual look 3 striped shirt with simple blue jean shorts. cute flats

lover her denim jacket..she's wearing a simple lack dress and topped it off with a scarf

grey trainers..looks very comfortable

again casual look, the read bag surely catches my eyes

tiffany must love striped t-shirts! she's wearing dark grey skinny with her light denim jacket

cute floral dress

her look for when she was going to one of SM manager's wedding. She has color matched her red t-shirt with her shoes~

gotta love her red kill hills

striped maxi dress with her dark denim jacket

green skinny jeans with a black vest
Brown heels don't match with this look in my opinion :/

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