Korean Fashion Sets

July 10, 2016

Korean Fashion Sets- Hot Summer Look

Striped T-shirt, Denim Jeans and White Sneakers, Black Cap. 

Striped T-shirt, Ripped shorts, Black Vans Sneakers, NY Cap.

Navy Sweatshirt, Blue Denim Skirt, White Nike Sneakers. 

White Love T-shirt, Pink Shorts, White Sneakers. 

Striped T-shirt, Denim shorts, Black Sneakers, Sunflower Socks.

Blue Striped T-shirt, Denim Shorts, White Sneakers, USA Headband. 

White T-shirt, Flower Printed Slip Dress, White Sneakers.

Striped T-shirt, White Tennis Skirt, White Sneakers, White Suncap. 

Striped T-shirt, White Buttoned Skirt, Red Sneakers.

White T-shirt, Denim Shorts with Pink Belt, White Sneakers. 

Striped T-shirt, White Shorts, White Sneakers.  
White Graphic T-shirt, Dark Denim Shorts, White Birkenstock Sandals. 

White Sweatshirt, Denim Suspender, Grey Shoulder Bag.  
Striped T-shirt, Black Buttoned Skirt, Black High-Converse Sneakers. 

Collared Blue Dress, Black Loafers, White Canvas Shopper Bag. 

Pink T-shirt, Light Denim Shorts, White Sneakers. 

Black Graphic T-shirt, Pink Skirt, Black Sandals. 

Striped T-shirt, Black Buttoned Skirts, Adidas Sneakers. 

White off-shoulder blouse, Denim Shorts, White Woven Bag. 

Flower Printed Blouse, White Shorts, White Sneakers, Beige Shoulder Bag. 

Striped Blouse, Olive Skirt. 

Light blue Blouse, White Skirt, White Sneakers. 

Black T-shirt, Purple Skirt, White Sneakers. 

Cherry Singlet Top, Black Tennis Skirt, White/Black Sandals. 

Brown Striped Blouse, White Skirt, Black Sandals, Mini Black Bag. 

White T-shirt, Striped Slip Dress, Black Sandals, Mini Black Cross bag. 

Navy Blouse, White Shorts, Black Sandals.  
White Sweatshirt, Denim Skirt, Margaret Howell Shopper Bag. 

Checkered Blouse, Denim Shorts, White Sandals. 

Striped Blouse Top, Black Skirts, White Sandals. 

Denim 2 piece Top & Skirt, Metallic Sandals. 

White T-shirt, Pastel Skinny Jeans, White Sandals, Beige Clutch.

Navy Blouse, Light Denim Short, White Sandals, White Shopper Bag. 

White Long Sleeve, Flower Printed Dress, White Sandals, Peach Cross Bag. 

Dotted Blouse, Linen Shorts, White Sandals. 

Striped Long Sleeve blouse, Light Pink Skirt, White Sneakers, Mini Black Cross bag. 

Flower 2 piece Top & Dress, Birkenstock Sandals. 

Blue Checkered Blouse, Denim Shorts, White Sneakers. 

Pink Blouse, White Skirt, White Sneakers, White Canvas Tote. 

White T-shirt, Flower Printed Singlet, Blue Denim, Metallic Sandals. 

Yellow Singlet Top, Black Shorts, Black Sandals. 

Blue Striped 2 piece Top & Skirt, White Sandals, Mini Beige Clutch. 

Blue Off-Shoulder Blouse, Blue Denim, White Sandals, Mini Black Bag. 

White blouse Top, Pink Buttoned Skirt, White Sandals. 

White Off-Shoulder Blouse, Denim Shorts, Black Sandals.

Black T-shirt, Beige 2 piece Top & Skirt, Black Sandals. 

White Singlet, Denim Shorts, White Sandals. 

Black V-neck T-shirt, White Skirt, Black Sandals, Black Bag.

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  1. Hello! I just found this blog and it's so amazing!!! I was wondering if you know websites/places where you can buy the pieces for these outfits? :)

    1. Hi. These are from Marishe but they don't sell internationally. I will post up websites if they do international shipping. Thx

  2. Yeah, links to the items/similar items would be awesome!