Korean Hairstyles and Fashion

Korean Hairstyles 2016
Here are some popular Hairstyles in Korea!

Pony Tail

Long Wave Hair with Fringe

Low Ponytail

Hair in a Bun

Two Tone Dye Wave Hair

Long Straight Hair with See Through Bang

Long Straight Hair 

Long Wave Hair with Bang

Long Straight Hair with Fringe

Long Wave Hair

Medium Straight Hair

Long Wave Perm

Low Braided Ponytail

Ponytail with a Bang

Long Wave Hair

Short Hair in Two Pony Tails

Hair in a Bun

Long Bleached Hair in Half Pony Tail

Long Pony Tail 

Long Straight Hair with Snapback

High Ponytail with Wavy Hair

Half Pony Tail

Long Wave Hair with Bangs

Medium Ponytail with Ribbon

Two Tone Dye Long Hair

Long Wave Perm

Low Braided Ponytail

Long Natural Wave Hair

Half Pony Tail with Bangs

Long Wave Hair

High Ponytail

Long Wave Hair with Bangs

Photo credits: Pinkage

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